We Offer

Our Centre provides for our Children

  • A healthy, safe & warm learning environment with a welcoming and fun atmosphere, to make the early childhood educational process as rewarding as possible.
  • Parent involvement to ensure that the early education centre is an extension of the home atmosphere.This is also encouraged through the Parents & Friends Committee, and direct parent participation in special activities.Parent information nights, and family social events are also regularly held.Parent & Staff communication is actively encouraged by means of daily feedback, quarterly newsletters, and progress reports and interviews, which are held twice a year.
  • A quality meals program, offering a wide variety of healthy & nutritious cooked foods, including a cup of milk every day for calcium requirements.We employ a qualified & experienced Meals Manager, whose sole purpose is the provision of the most appropriate foods for our children's physical & mental development.
  • Parent resources, to assist the parents to continue the 24 hour education process at home.
  • Community involvement, such as regular visits to the library, and other places, as well as visits from community personnel such as Police, Ambulance, Fire Services, etc.
  • Program development of life skills, such as the development of a positive attitude, teamwork, co-operation & working with others, constructive use of the Imagination, Perseverance & Determination, Pride in work, Communication, Acceptance of Diversity, Recognising Opportunities, Setting Goals, Facing Challenges, Coping with Change, and many more.
  • Special indoor/outdoor programs, to maximise the learning process.
  • Ancillary services such as Speech Pathology, Optometry, Child Behavioural and Sociological Consultants, and others, to ensure that children have the best possible transition to Primary School. Special needs, and Gifted & Talented consultants, are also used to meet all children's needs and maximise their learning & development.
  • Innovative ideas & equipment to assist development of children, such as a Ball Pool, Use & Care of Animals, Obstacle Courses, Early Childhood Interactive Computer Development corners - all to aid the learning processes, and much more.
  • The commitment that our staff will always be of the highest calibre, who are committed to the best possible educational development of your children.All our staff commit themselves to this standard by the signing of our Centre's 'Code of Conduct', which is displayed in our reception foyer.

We are always looking to how we can better improve our service to our parents, and to improve the learning process for our children.

We regularly conduct parent feedback questionnaires, and we are always willing to consider new ideas, services, or anything which will improve the quality of our Centre.

We very much welcome your feedback.

We take pride in being a true Early Education Centre, (similar to a private school), and not just a child-minding centre or Creche.

We actively plan a full early educational & developmental program into all our classes for our children.

Parents want the best for their child... that's why they come to us first

Quality educational & developmental programs in a caring and fun environment

Our children always come first. Others say it... we do it!