Training/Professional Development

We organise a number of Training and Professional Development weekends for our staff throughout the year.Some of these, such as 'Food Handling' and 'Fire Extinguisher Operation' are held as part of our staff monthly meetings.Others such as 'First Aid' and P.D. courses organised by external organisations, are held at some time over a weekend, depending on the length of the particular course.

In the past, we have organised many courses and workshops, covering such topics as 'Behaviour Management', 'Communication', 'Special Needs', 'Music', 'Storytelling', and many more.All of these courses are fully paid for the staff; by the Centre; or at least subsidised by the Centre.

We support and encourage our staff to 'upgrade' their childcare qualifications.The Centre will also partially or totally pay for any 'upgrade' in staff childcare qualifications (e.g. from Certificate III to Diploma), depending on the length of service with the Centre.

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