Our Toddler classroom can cater for children from 15 months to 3 years. Teaching routine to Toddlers will help them develop a sense of security in their world. The program in the Toddler room provides: Repetitive play as this is how they learn best. Toilet Training through positive encouragement. A healthy balance between outdoor and indoor, quiet and active and individual and group activities. Regular meal and rest times are there to support their individual routine. As young children gain more independence, emphasis is placed on developing social skills such as sharing and co-operation with others, and development of imagination through creative play.

It is at this stage that communication develops rapidly and our programs are designed to achieve the best results for children in this area. Good foundations are everything.


When I wake up in the morning my Mum and Dad tell me that I am going to daycare. I become excited and say my teachers names. When I arrive at the centre. I am greeted by a teacher - most of the time it is one of my teachers. My Mum and Dad talk to my teacher and tell them how I have been at home. My parents listened as my teachers talk to them about what we are going to do today. I become very excited and can't wait to get down and play with my friends in the yard.

Once my parents have gone I get a big cuddle and reassurance that Mum and Dad will be back later to pick me up. While I am in the room the staff talk, play and interact with me. They are aware of my likes and dislikes, interests and needs. During the day I am learning how to interact with my peers, through various activities. I am also developing my fine and gross motor skills. Just before we have lunch we practice our self help skills by getting by getting our own sheets to make our bed. We then learn some new songs and practice old songs. This helps with my language development.

Meal times are always fun as we all get to sit down at the table and practice our language skills as well as out manners - saying "ta"' and "please", After lunch, I have a chance to sleep. I really enjoy this as my body gets a chance to relax and by the time I wake up, I am ready to learn more.

When my parents come to pick me up they are able to read what I did today and how I slept and ate. I can't wait to come again!

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