Parents Comments of our Centre... .taken from a parent survey conducted as part of the Centre's ongoing accreditation process, in conjunction with the National Childcare Accreditation Program.

"We value the opportunities for the children to learn in a happy and stimulating environment."

"I am totally "at ease" knowing that my children are in a quality Child Care Centre."

"The Centenary community should be informed that an excellent Child Care Centre is available."

"My child is receiving the best possible care."

"We appreciate this Centre's friendly, caring and dedicated staff - their untiring efforts to communicate with parents."

"The location is central to the Centenary suburbs."

"The Teachers and staff have the best possible resources to cater for children's development."

"I think this Centre is well run.My daughter likes going to this Childcare Centre."

"We appreciate the variety of learning opportunities and the conscious efforts from staff to provide a variety of learning experiences."

"This Centre encourages parent participation."

"My child is always learning new things all of the time."

"The Centre programming provides a constant variety of new and exciting activities providing for memorable experiences and fun.Educational activities make for easier learning."

"I value the way the Centres' staff understands my children's needs.I find my children's Teachers are very good and my children absolutely love them."

"The Centre is doing a wonderful job with regard to my children's emotions."

"I don't think there is anything that they could improve on, for my children's development."

"My children are learning so much at the Centre.I'm so grateful for everything they do."

"The qualities of the staff there are great, and the staff have excellent qualifications."

"Whatever you are doing now is excellent - my child has come a long way since joining the Centenary Child Care Centre."

"I think the Director is doing an excellent job in providing good developmental programs - very highly regarded."

"The Centre, the staff, and their programs, are effectively preparing them for school, and for life generally."

"This Centre is conscious that the children of today are adults of tomorrow."

Parents want the best for their child... that's why they come to us first

Quality educational & developmental programs in a caring and fun environment

Our children always come first. Others say it... we do it!