Taxation Concessions

30% Child Care Tax Rebate

In addition to the Child Care Benefit (CCB) you may be receiving, you may also be eligible to receive the recently announced 30% Child Care Tax Rebate?

Subject to the passing of legislation, you may be eligible to claim the rebate if you:

  • Receive CCB
  • Use approved child care; and
  • Meet the CCB work/study/training test.

What should YOU do?

Keep your receipts or similar records of your child care costs; and

Keep your reconciliation letter from the Family Assistance Office.

More information about eligibility and what to do to claim the rebate is available from the Tax Office by;


Or by phoning 13 28 61

How To Work Out My Out-Of-Pocket Expenses?

Subject to the passing of legislation, the rebate will cover 30% of your out-of-pocket child care expenses you have incurred from 1st July 2004 with a maximum rebate of $4,000 per child per year.The first claim will be able to be made in income tax returns for the period 1 July 2005 to 30 June 2006.

Total Child Care Fees - childcare Benefit = Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Total child care fees is the amount you are charged by your child care provider before any reduction for CCB.

Child Care Benefit - After the end of each financial year, the Family Assistance Office will send you a letter confirming your CCB entitlement for that year.This will happen once you have lodged your tax returns and all your child care usage details have been received.

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