Security of Employment

'Permanent' employment means that staff are able to accrue holidays and sick leave.They have the security of employment which enables them to be recognised as having a permanent job, and can thus receive favourable consideration for such things as bank loans, car financing, etc.

'Casual' employment means that staff may be paid an initially slightly larger salary, but receive no holidays or sick days, and usually are not recognised as having the security necessary to apply for loans.They may be sent home with little or no notice and lose their income for the time until they are called back to work.Unfortunately in the Childcare field, this happens when there are insufficient children during holiday periods, and too often staff are 'replaced' permanently because they are away ill for more than a few days.

All our staff are employed on a 'permanent' basis, working 37.5 hours per week.We also employ 3 'floating' staff who are not assigned to a room, but can help out in any position where it is needed, and they are also 'permanent'.We do employ some staff on a reduced hours workload, to meet the needs of Outside School Hours Care and other specific situations, but all of these are also employed on a 'permanent' basis.

The employment of additional floating staff also allows us to provide 'programing time' and RDO's for our staff.

We do not employ staff on a 'casual' basis, unless it is in the capacity of 'relieving' staff. On several occasions, casual staff have started with us in this capacity, and have moved to 'permanent' positions, as positions became available.

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