Kindergarten and the Pre-School program can cater for 3 to 6 year old children. Children become familiar with the learning and educational experience they will undertake at school. The program in the Kindergarten and Preschool program provides: Ability for children to participate in activities designed to promote concept development such as under, over, before and after. Gross motor development through running, jumping, climbing and balancing activities. Development of children's ability to represent their experiences through, thinking, reasoning and problem solving. Children's development, learning and socialisation through activities such as water, sand and role play. Facilitation of pre-reading and pre-writing skills including learning that print goes from left to right and from top to bottom and that letters are symbolic and make different sounds.

Our aim is to prepare these children for their transition to primary school, and give them the best foundation for education. We expand on early literacy and numeracy skills as well as creativity, logic and reasoning skills, social and all life skills.

Children have extensive use of our computers and iPads, with special developmental and educational software programs designed to maximize their ability to learn.

We believe that good foundations are everything.


Morning lesson, this is when we choose to do big stuff like our maths, language, alphabet work. Sometimes I find it hard, but we all learn together as a group. Sometimes we read a book together or have Show and Tell. I bring in great things to show my friends sometimes, but I put my special things away straight after our talking time.

I really love activity time. We get to do so much great stuff - Art Painting, Collage, Blocks and Cars, Home Corner, Puzzles, Writing Area, Play-Dough, Computer/iPad time, we get to choose what fun things we are interested in every day! I don't really like to pack up after having so much fun, but we do it together. This makes it really fast to do.

After we pack up we have story time. I love books and my teacher can read really well, they even use lots of different, funny voices!! I'm always a bit tired after hearing the story. Good thing that we have already put our beds out and made them ourselves, all ready for our sleep or rest. We wash our hands and have some lunch, then we go and have a rest on our beds. I have my favourite snuggly blanket from home. It really helps me rest and relax. After my sleep the teacher sometimes has to wake us up to get ready for the afternoon program. We all pack up our beds and get ready for afternoon tea. After we have had something to eat, we have group time to talk about things like healthy bodies, being friends, or sun safety. We put on our sunscreen and hats and head outside for fun with our friends.

We do fun things like making mud pies in the kitchen, running water down the new creek bed, riding the bikes around the bike track, playing on the fort and building sandcastles. There is so many fun things to do, I can do something different everyday with my friends. We also make sure we remember to feed and take care of our Guinea Pigs and Birds. Sometimes the teachers let me take the Guinea Pigs home for the weekend to take good care of them.

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