Pre-Kindy and Junior Kindy

Here the children further develop the skills necessary for increased independence and learning.The areas of cognitive development, memory development and concentration span are enhanced through experiences such as stories, rhymes, drama and cooking. Staff ensure that there is a strong partnership maintained at all times with the family to ensure continuity of learning experiences.

Our Pre-Kindy and Junior Kindy classes offers care for children aged from 2 years old though to 4 years old. Children are encouraged to develop their life long social skills such as co-operation, taking turns, helping others and the development of empathy or thinking from another's point of view.

The program in the Pre-Kindy and Junior-Kindy rooms are age relevant in such areas as: Encouragement of Healthy Eating and Positive Body Attitudes. Opportunities for children to learn from each other as well as adults. Development of children's fine motor skills through activities such as Constructing Blocks, Drawing, Painting and Working with Playdough. Routine tasks such as eating, toileting and dressing to encourage independence and acquire skills to build their own self-esteem and confidence, both of themselves, and of their environments and their place in it.


I can't wait to go to the Centre to see my wonderful teachers and friends. When I arrive, I run up to my teacher and she gives me a big hug and smile. I love this. I then go inside my room which is set up for the day. I put my bag in my own special locker. I place my fruit in the special fruit basket, put on my hat and Mummy or Daddy take me outside to play.

Outside I can choose my own activities. I love digging in the sand, having a swing and climbing on the fort. There are lots of teachers around with their purple shirts on. The teachers watch me to make sure I don't fall over.

After I play, I sit down on the mat inside my room and listen to some stories that my teacher reads to us. I then have some yummy fruit and I get to play inside the room. I love putting on dress-ups, dancing to the music, doing some painting, building with blocks or looking at some wonderful books. After er play inside we help our teachers pack up, then we sing songs together on the mat. I then get my sheets and make my bed before I have lunch.

I love lunch! We always get such yummy food! After lunch, we get to have a much needed sleep. Our teachers play nice relaxing music to help us go to sleep. When I wake up, I get to play some quiet activities. My teacher will often read me some books at this time. Later on, we do some dancing and then we have some yummy food again. After we have eaten our afternoon tea, we put on our hats, apply sunscreen and go outside for a play again. I have had such a busy day and when my Mummy or Daddy come, I will tell them all about my wonderful day.

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