Parent Tips

Parenting young children is a big job these days, and here at the Centre want to provide as much support to children and their families as possible.We've created a number of Parent Tip brochures for parents with children at the Centre to provide relevant, specialised information that can help.

Our Parent Tips cover a wide variety of topics, from the preparation of healthy school lunches, to behaviour management, and when to say "NO!".We also cover many more sensitive issues such as pets as Christmas presents, and the effects of television on children.

Most of the topics have come about as answers to questions that our own Centre parents have raised, and we hope that all parents may benefit from them.

Each month, we publish here one of our "Parenting Tips" for all parents to get ideas from, and we hope that we can aid you in some small way, with the parenting process.

We are always welcoming new topics, and if you would like us to cover a particular issue, please contact us...we will certainly help you if we can.

In the meantime, we hope that you benefit from this months "Parent Tip".

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