As the first 5 years are critical for the foundation of the learning process, our Nursery and its programs are designed to develop an awareness of both self and the world around the young child, within a warm, caring and family-based environment. Our nursery room can cater for children aged from 6 weeks up to 2 years of age. Infants develop one-on-one relationships and experience face-to-face interactions increasing the child's trust in a secure learning environment.

Quality programs focus on sensory learning and development, this includes: Singing, Talking, and Reading as language is a vital, lively part of communication with infants. Play where they enjoy mastering new skills of grasping, moving and exploring. They also develop their senses, such as sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing. This includes visual displays and the playing of music that infants enjoy. Nappy changing, feeding and other routines are all important to your child's learning experience and ensures every infant receives nurturing and responsive care.

All of these special activities also prepares the children for future learning and the transition into our Toddler Room.


Our Babies room is an inviting, safe place where all families are welcome. We provide an exciting care and learning environment for children from the age of 6 weeks to 15 months. We have 2 full-time staff and also a float person for the afternoons to cover lunches.

Our program incorporates many aspects of the home environment to ensure continuity of care. We provide a program that incorporates individual records, catering for small and whole group experiences allowing for consistency. The children enjoy lots of spontaneity through music, singing and dancing. Stories, outdoor play, art and many other activities make up our day.

Babies routines vary greatly so we follow individual routines with some of the older children settling themselves into an older child's routine. Our day is busy, but is always fun!

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Quality educational & developmental programs in a caring and fun environment

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