All Children from 12 months of age will have high quality meals provided. The Centre's meals program, under the direction of a qualified Meals Manager, offers a wide variety of healthy and nutritious cooked meals, including a cup of milk every day for calcium requirements.

Our Kitchen is licensed with the Brisbane City Council on an annual basis, after meeting the strict hygiene and food storage and meals preparation standards, as set down by the Health Department Regulations.

Our Meals Manager ensures all our children's needs are met, whether they be dietary, allergy or religious. However, children who require an alternative meal which require additional special ingredients will incur a small addition to their daily fees.

"Child's Perspective''

When I get here in the morning, Mummy and I check the board to see what yummy things I'll be having for lunch today, oh and afternoon tea too. We get something different each day, sometimes its vegetable pasta, chicken casserole, soup, sandwiches or fish fingers and vegetables and sometimes we get my favourite, Spaghetti Bolognaise. The food is always really tasty and very colourful, lots of red, green and yellow. I don't like all of them, but I always try at least a bit. I can smell lunch being cooked in the morning when I'm walking to my room. Mummy always says "She wished she could stay for lunch too.'' After we finish lunch, and my tummy is full, its nearly time for a nap then I can dream of what's for afternoon tea. I dream of jelly and custard, yoghurt, cookies, crackers and vegemite or cheese and sultanas.

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