The National Childcare Accreditation Council is responsible for the implementation and administration of the Quality Assurance System. This process reviews the quality of a Centre above the minimum standards. No parent can receive Federal Government childcare subsidies unless the Centre that they attend is prepared to be reviewed by totally arms length experts as part of the Australia Wide Government accreditation program.

Some state organisations which provide 'pre-schooling' programs do not participate in this National Accreditation process, but prefer to have their own internal staff review their own standards.We feel this is like "asking Dracula to conduct a stocktake of the bloodbank", and while we also have our ongoing internal quality control, we willingly participate in the fully independent National program.

Centenary Childcare & Early Education Centre has been accredited by the National Childcare & Accreditation Council (NCAC), and our current certificate received as a result of this review is shown below.The original certificate should be displayed in all Centres, and our original certificate is proudly displayed in our Centre foyer.

We are proud of our result, and our 'perfect score' provides security and piece of mind for our parents and their children who are in our care.

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